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4727 Willow Springs Rd.

Ste 1S, La Grange, IL 60525


Indulge in complete relaxation with our Swedish massage. You will feel the effects of our methods throughout your entire body, as your muscles and joints release the pressure they've been holding. Take advantage of our expertise and let us help you work toward restoration today.


Experience the difference we can make for both your health and your comfort.

Our Swedish massage focuses on increasing your range of motion and improving your circulation, as well as providing utter relaxation and relief from tension in your muscles. You can rely on our years of chiropractic experience for undeniable results.

How it works

We also offer deep tissue, sports massage, reiki, and neuromuscular massage. Discover more about our massage services and find out which massage is right for you and your symptoms by clicking on the links above.

Additional massages

This type of massage can be customized for your unique needs. Whether you want to rid yourself of pain or anxiety, Swedish massage techniques can be the answer.

Is Swedish Massage right for you?

Swedish massage