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Eliminate negative energy and create a natural flow of healing to the areas of your body where you need it most.

The client is usually in sitting or lying position, fully clothed. The reiki practitioner places his or her hands slightly on or above the client’s body.  According to reiki theory, energy is thought to automatically go to the parts of the body where it's most needed. Intention on the part of the reiki practitioner is believed to help direct the flow of energy. The reiki practitioner may also use hand positions around the body to ensure that no parts of the body are neglected.  Each position is held for two to five minutes. The hand positions are usually palm down with the fingers and thumbs extended.  People may feel a deep sense of relaxation after a reiki session. They sometimes report a sensation of warmth or cold, tingling, sleepiness, refreshment, and/or a reduction in symptoms.

What is a Typical Reiki Session Like?

Reiki, pronounced ray-kee, is a complementary/alternative therapy.  The word reiki means “universal life energy”. It's made up of two Japanese words, rei, which means "universal spirit", and ki, which means "life-force".  Reiki is classified as an energy therapy.  Energy Therapies are based on the belief that disturbances in energy fields in and around the body result in illness, and that improving the flow and balance of energy can improve health and well being.

What is Reiki?

Reiki massage

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