Heal your body, mind, and soul

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4727 Willow Springs Rd.

Ste 1S, La Grange, IL 60525


We are highly trained in the art of neuromuscular massage to provide you with a personalized experience. Let us know exactly what areas are causing you pain and we will focus on your unique needs to help you move toward total wellness.


Let us accomplish our mission to heal your body, your mind, and your soul.

We use intensive neuromuscular massage techniques to reduce pain, relieve pressure, and increase your body's circulation and range of motion. Let our experienced professionals provide you with the complete care you need to move toward healing.

How it works

Our additional options include reiki, deep tissue, sports massage, and Swedish massage. Discover more about our massage services and find out which massage is right for you and your symptoms by clicking on the links above.

More options

If you're experiencing severe discomfort from knotted muscles, tension, or numbness, our neuromuscular massage may be the best solution for your recovery.

Relieve yourself of muscular discomfort

Neuromuscular massage